Project Management

Manage your projects with ease

Frontline BI offers comprehensive project management features enabling you to stay on top of
projects in real time with accurate data so they remain on track, avoiding nasty surprises to your
bottom lines.

Check job details and budgets at a glance with a simple, clean interface that’s easy to navigate and

Our software allows you to bring up prior job and site history in seconds, whether you’re in the
office or mobile.

With Frontline BI, quoting, invoicing, purchasing, scheduling and reporting will also be a breeze.

Regardless of how big or small the job, Frontline BI will streamline the project management process
so you can spend more time on the tools and doing the things you want to do—eliminating waste,
creating savings and maximising profits.

Frontline BI gives you a bird’s-eye view over your trades business, whether you’re running solo or a
larger team, giving you greater control of your business so you can steer it to success.

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